Holiday Time 600-Count Clear Mini Christmas Lights Multicolor with White Wire


Make your home and holiday displays flash in the night with the Holiday Time Multi-Color Mini Christmas Lights. Featuring four strands of 150 multi-color incandescent lights, these lights have a total length of 125 feet and a lighted length of 118 feet. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, these lights stay lit even if one bulb burns out. Crafted with white wire to blend in with awnings and trim, they feature end-to-end construction that allows up to three strands of this exact set of lights to be connected. Light up your Christmas trees, decor, displays, and more with the Holiday Time Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Color Mini Christmas Lights.


Product details

Holiday Time 600-Count Multi-Color Mini Christmas Lights, with White Wire, 125 feet:

▪ Package includes 4 sets of 150-count multicolor mini lights
▪ 600 incandescent lights in total
▪ Multicolor lights on white wire
▪ String-to-string connection
▪ Lighted length: 118 Feet
▪ Total length: 125 feet
▪ Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
▪ Model No.: 66-108


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